HIWIN Corporation’s team of engineers design high-quality standard and custom motion control products. We offer competitive pricing on our wide selection of inventory, and we are happy to accommodate even the most precise motion system requirements.

Linear motors transfer electrical energy into contactless driven linear motion. Linear motors are widely used for applications that require high precision in a wide range of industries including automation, semi-conductor, and medical.

What Is a Linear Motor?

HIWIN produces Permanent Magnet Linear Synchronous Motors (PMLSM). HIWIN’s linear motors work similarly to standard 3 phase permanent magnet rotary motors and hold a similar structure. If you were to cut a 3-phase AC synchronous motor on an edge and flatten it out, the rotary motor would then become a linear motor producing a linear force rather than a rotational torque.

Compared to other drive mechanisms, linear motors are low maintenance, offer fast response times, and are backlash-free. HIWIN offers a wide range of linear motor components and types than can achieve high levels of accuracy. HIWIN also offers single-axis stages or multi-axis systems as a drop-in solution to eliminate design time.

How Do Linear Motors Work?

A conventional 3-phase AC synchronous rotary motor uses a central rotor with magnets and a stationary rotary coil that generates a rotating magnetic field. A linear motor follows the same principles but with the coil typically being the moving part and the magnets being the stationary part. The magnets used are often high-strength permanent magnets to increase the force density. All HIWIN motors are closed-loop servos and require a position feedback system such as a linear encoder. A servo drive uses the position feedback attached to the moving carriage to coordinate the output to each of the 3 phases, allowing for smooth motion and high positional accuracy.

HIWIN offers two motor types: Iron-core and Ironless.

Iron Core Linear Motors
Iron-core motors are ideal for high-speed, high acceleration, point-to-point applications. The iron-core motors offer an estimated 0.5 to 0.75 N per cubic centimeter. The LMSA series is HIWIN’s standard iron-core series offering a max continuous force of 1,579N and a max peak force of 4,458 N.

The LMFA is HIWIN’s water-cooled iron-core series. The LMFA has an optimized coolant path built into the motor. By forcing coolant through the motor to remove heat, the motor can achieve higher continuous forces. The LMFA offers a max continuous force of 7,917 N and a max peak force of 20,827 N.

Ironless Core Linear Motors
HIWIN Ironless linear motors eliminate magnetic cogging and the normal attraction force due to the lack of a ferrous core. The Ironless linear motor is ideal for applications that require smooth motion and low settling times. The LMC is HIWIN’s standard ironless U-shaped motor that features a high dynamic response and low inertia. This series has a max continuous force of 1,003 N and a max peak force of 4,012 N. Air cooling is available to increase the continuous force on select models.

HIWIN’s LMT series is a shaft motor that offers a compact, condensed alternative to the LMC. The LMT series can achieve a max continuous force of 642 N and a max peak force of 2569 N.

High-Quality Linear Motors from Hiwin Corporation

Linear motors are an integral part of many applications. At HIWIN, we offer a broad range of standard and custom linear motor solutions to fulfill any project need. Contact us to learn how our products can serve you, or request a quote for specific pricing details.

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