Motion control is critical to the proper function of many types of medical equipment. Medical equipment faces unique challenges that other industries do not, such as operating in sterile environments, and eliminating mechanical disruptions. In surgical robots, imaging equipment, and many other medical devices, moving components must consistently and safely provide seamless motion to support delicate life-saving or diagnostic procedures.

To help meet these needs, HIWIN offers a selection of reliable and long-lasting rotary and linear motion products. Our products are also available in a wide range of sizes to suit medical devices of all types. The HIWIN team understands that medical equipment manufacturers are under more pressure than ever before to deliver improve development times and produce reliable solutions. Our solutions provide medical OEMs and suppliers with precision motion control and safe operation that medical solutions need for safe patient contact and treatment.

Motion Control Products for the Medical Industry

Motion Control for Surgical Robot and MRI Machine

Many types of medical devices require dependable motion control products. At HIWIN, we have manufactured numerous component products used in an array of medical use cases. For example, we’ve provided system components for:

  • CT scanners
  • MRI machines
  • Medical beds
  • Rotary tables
  • Surgical robots
  • 3D bioprinters
  • Liquid dispensing machinery

We can offer a variety of system components to support precision motion control, such as:

Linear Guideways

E2 Series-Self-Lubricating Linear Guideway

Linear guideways are frequently used to facilitate adjustable motion for hospital beds. They slide the bed and apply force in multiple ways, allowing the operator to recline or pivot the bed. Linear guideways are also used on the bed of MRI machines and CT scanners to position the patient.

Linear guideways provide smooth motion with near-zero friction. HIWIN also offers miniature linear guideways available in sizes as small as 2mm for use in liquid dispensing, 3D bioprinters, and other types of equipment.

Ball Screws

Examination tables, MRI machines, CT scanners, hospital beds, and other heavier medical equipment often use ballscrews for optimal precision, repeatability, and accuracy in movement. Ballscrews move heavy imaging equipment seamlessly enough to facilitate high-quality scans. Miniature ballscrews are normally reserved for applications such as liquid dispensing machinery and 3D bioprinters.

Linear Motor Stages and Systems

Linear motor stages and systems provide dynamic and precise positioning. These components are often used to facilitate smooth motion in medical equipment, sometimes in conjunction with supplemental drives and controllers that further improve movement capabilities.

TMRW Series- Torque Motor

Torque Motors

Torque motors offer rotary motion to an axis for precise angular positioning and seamless motion. These motors are frequently found in rotating laboratory equipment, such as centrifuges.

Medical Solutions From HIWIN Corporation

HIWIN offers a wide selection of motion control components for medical equipment and devices. We strive to produce solutions that improve medical equipment and enhance the patient experience.

We encourage medical equipment designers for any size of device to reach out to us. Our experienced application engineers look forward to helping you implement the right motion control solution for CT scanners, MRI machines, surgical robots, medical tables, and much more.

To see how our motion control solutions will work with your design, please contact us today.

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