Torque Motor Rotary Tables

HIWIN Corporation torque motor and rotary tables ensure excellent acceleration capabilities and high precision uniform movements. Hiwin torque motor and rotary tables are backlash free, extremely rigid, optimized for high torques, have robust dynamics and are especially well suited for tasks in a wide range of automation processes. Various sizes in diameter and height are available with the option to add a servo drive for a complete plug and play solution.

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Torque Motors

TMRW Series- Torque Motor

TMRW Series

Key features of the TMRW torque motor
  • High power density
  • High dynamics
  • High efficiency
  • Maintenance-free operation
  • Water cooling
  • Large hollow shaft
  • Maximum Torque 3600 N-m
Typical fields of application
  • Machine tools
  • Automation technology
  • Rotary tables


Servo Drive D1

Key features of the Servo Drive D1:
  • Excellent performance
  • Simple operation
  • Complete tool sets
  • Easy integration
  • High performance amplifier with EtherCAT
  • 100-240VAC input power
Servo Drive D1-N

Servo Drive D1-N

Key features of the Servo Drive D1-N:
  • Excellently high speed response
  • Electronic gear ratio and Encoder Emulator
  • High acceleration responses
  • Built-in accuracy improvement features
  • Vibration suppression feature
  • Simple setup
  • Easy operation
  • LCD display
Servo Drive E1

Servo Drive E1

Key features of the Servo Drive E1:
  • 3.2kHz speed response
  • Tuneless function
  • Advanced auto-tune function
  • Ripple compensation
  • Network connectivity
  • Support variety motors
  • Built-in safe torque off
  • Support multiple encoder types
Typical fields of application
  • FPD industry
  • Semiconductor
  • Automation
  • Laser Cutting
  • PCB

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