The Hiwin Corporation repair service is the economical alternative to purchasing new equipment, especially in the construction of specialty machines. The procurement of substitutes can often be difficult because no spare-parts depots exist. Essentially the Hiwin repair service includes appraisal of damaged parts, repairs with a customer authorization, emergency maintenance for make-shifts and the manufacture of new parts according to the original standards. The Hiwin immediate repair service within four hours (with advance notice) avoids expensive production standstills. The following information will help describe the return of materials processes and the types of returns that Hiwin honors.

Request to Return Material

A request for Return Material Authorization (RMA) is managed by the Customer Service Department or Sales Division of Hiwin Corporation. A return of materials to Hiwin requires prior authorization. This authorization is obtained by filling out a request for RMA form and sending it to Customer Service.

PDF Request for RMA form (PDF – 61KB)

*When sending in the Request for RMA form, if possible, please provide any images of the Hiwin product. This will assist our team in analyzing the return and improve the authorization process.

There are three distinct RMA systems:

  1. RMA System for Credits: A return for Credit will be followed when a customer requests credit. Returned materials for credit will be allowed in cases where Hiwin Corporation bears the responsibility for customer dissatisfaction, or a decision is made to issue credit for business reasons. A re-stock charge may apply in instances of customer error. Returned materials for credit will be inspected prior to re-stocking. If this inspection requires detailed evaluation or repair, the customer may be requested to pay an evaluation and/or repair charge. The results of the inspection will be noted on the RMA form. Requests for Credit RMAs should be made within sixty (60) days of the original Invoice Date.
  2. RMA System for Warranty: A return for Warranty will be followed when a quality issue with product is found, or damaged materials are reported. Products may be returned for detailed inspection or repair, when the performance of the supplied materials does not meet specifications, or when product damage has resulted. Products may also be returned for repair of specific components at the customer’s request. Returned materials for warranty will be inspected, if the problem with the product is deemed not to be a quality issue then the Returned Materials for Repair process will be followed. PDF Standard Terms and Conditions (PDF – 32KB)
  3. RMA System for Repair: A return for Repair will be followed when an inspection of customer product is requested. Products may be returned for repair when the customer will pay for the repairs. The customer will be informed of the repair cost estimate, prior to the actual repair. The customer may elect to have the product repaired or purchase new product. If the repair cost is more than new product cost and is unacceptable to the customer, the customer may elect to have their product returned or purchase new product. The parts may be scrapped or returned to the customer unrepaired depending on their approval. The customer has sixty (60) days to respond with a repair or scrap authorization for the returned product. If those sixty (60) days pass and no repair or scrap authorization is received, the product will be returned to the customer unrepaired.

Authorization for the Return of Materials

All RMAs must be approved prior to authorizing the customer to return the product(s).

If an RMA is authorized for return, a Customer Service Representative will fax the approved RMA form to the initiator of the RMA request. This will include the RMA Number and the RMA policies. If a replacement order is to be shipped prior to the receipt and inspection of the parts being returned, the RMA form must be authorized by the Customer Service Manager or Sr. Operations Mgr. All communication regarding the receipt, inspection, repair and final disposition of the RMA will be through Customer Service Representatives.

Hiwin reserves the right to refuse an RMA request based on the information provided by the customer. In cases when an RMA is not approved, a Customer Service Representative or Sales Representative will inform the customer of the request refusal.

Shipping of Returned Materials

The material authorized for return should be delivered to the respective Hiwin facility within thirty (30) days from the date of RMA authorization. If business needs determine that deviation from this policy is warranted then it must be approved by a Regional Mgr. Before returning product please be sure the RMA number is visible on the outside of the box. Product returned without an RMA number will be refused by Hiwin Corporation. Do not include any additional product in the package. Hiwin will only be responsible for items that are listed on the Return Material Authorization. Product must be complete and there must be no damage or additional markings on the box. Parts must be packaged so as to protect them from damage during shipping.

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