The packaging industry provides the technology and solutions used to wrap, box, bottle, or otherwise package goods for shipping, storage, and sale. Every industry relies on packaging to some degree as a means to protect products throughout specific stages of their lifecycle, including consumer goods, food and beverage, cosmetics, healthcare, industrial, military, and many others.

Products for the Packaging Industry

HIWIN is a premier supplier of turnkey systems for the packaging industry. We can provide systems with multiple motion stages, drives, and controllers with custom programming, as well as individual motion components for customers who want to engineer and construct their own packaging machinery.

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  • Custom multi-axis systems. Every packaging machine is custom built to create a specific type of packaging. HIWIN offers customized multi-axis motion, linear motion, or linear and rotary motion solutions based on the needs of the packaging machine. Motion may be driven by ballscrew stages, belt stages, or linear motor stages to facilitate fast linear motion on specific axes or to operate with very high duty cycles. Complete turnkey packages from HIWIN include drives Hiwin HIMC controllers, available custom programming to supervise all axes of motion.
  • Components. HIWIN supplies a wide range of components for customers to build their own packaging systems. Since these systems generally require linear motion, the linear guideway is a key component. HIWIN provides all sizes—from 3 mm to 65 mm—with ball bearings or roller bearings, as well as angle linear guideways and guideways with embedded PG series magnetic encoders. We also provide any necessary ballscrews, ball splines, and AC servo motors to generate motion. With these components, the customer can build custom stages of any travel length, for any load. Alternatively, customers can choose to use standard ballscrew stages driven by HIWIN AC servo motors.
  • HIWIN HIMC Controller. The HiIWIN HIMC Controller is available to the customer to supervise the entire motion system. HIWIN’s application engineers offer training on how to program the HIMC Controller.
  • Linear Motor Motion Stages. We can supply linear motor stages to facilitate high-speed or high duty cycle motion on specific axes.
  • Rotary Motion. For rotary motion, we offer torque motors capable of very high angular acceleration and high accuracy.
  • Food-grade. Hiwin can provide cross roller bearings, strain wave gearing systems, linear guideways, ballscrews, and ball splines with food-grade grease to meet FDA requirements.


HIWIN is a respected global supplier of motion control solutions for packaging and numerous other industries. To see how our innovative motion control products can improve your packaging line, please contact us today.

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