Response to Taiwan Earthquake

Our Director of Business Development, Roxanna Rosca, has issued a letter concerning the earthquake that occurred in Taiwan on April 3rd, 2024.

What is the advantage of buying linear guideways with integrated linear encoder pre-installed?

Direct measurement is usually favorable over indirect position measurement.  In the case of integrating direct position measurement, there are two primary methods of adding position measurement to an axis. The first is to purchase a linear guideway with a pre-installed integrated position measurement encoder. The second is to purchase the encoder separately, and self-install on […]

Everything You Need to Know About Bearing Lubricants

Bearing lubricant decreases the friction between bearing balls or rollers and the raceway. Left unchecked, this friction can generate heat that causes premature part degradation or breakage. Improper or insufficient lubrication can result in machinery malfunction, and costly maintenance and downtime. But the right lubricant can minimize friction, dissipate heat away from moving components, and […]

How Are Smart Factories Transforming the Manufacturing Sector?

HIWIN is a premier manufacturer of motion control components and systems. We are fully committed to providing product solutions that help develop and maintain a better way of life and working environment for all. A crucial application for our products is smart factories. Overview of Smart Factories Smart factories are manufacturing facilities that incorporate and […]

HIWIN USA Celebrates 30th Anniversary

We proudly announce that September 15th, 2022 marked the 30th anniversary of HIWIN Corporation’s journey in providing best-in-class motion control and systems technology in North America. From our start focusing solely on ballscrews, we have grown into one of the industry leaders in linear, rotary, and multi-axis motion by offering a robust suite of products […]

Linear Stages

HIWIN Corporation is a global pioneer in the precision manufacturing industry, having obtained over 2,250 patents in more than 34 countries. With start-to-finish control of our manufacturing protocols and a complete in-house machining process, our components meet the strictest international quality standards with ISO, JIS, REACH, RoHS, Ce, and UL compliance. We stock hundreds of […]

What Are Cartesian Robots?

Cartesian robots move according to Cartesian coordinate geometry in one-, two-, or three-dimensional space. These robots move along one to three linear axes that intersect at the point of origin at 90° angles. The x-axis allows the robot to move back and forth, the y-axis allows side-to-side movement, and on the z-axis, the robot moves […]

Linear Motors

HIWIN Corporation’s team of engineers design high-quality standard and custom motion control products. We offer competitive pricing on our wide selection of inventory, and we are happy to accommodate even the most precise motion system requirements. Linear motors transfer electrical energy into contactless driven linear motion. Linear motors are widely used for applications that require […]