Industrial Robotics

Hiwin Corporation’s industrial robotics product line includes both articulated and SCARA models. Software is included in the purchase with no additional charge. Updates are also available without charge. Both electric and integrated electric grippers are available. Hiwin can supply a complete solution or separate components.

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Industrial Robots

Articulated Robots

Articulated Robots

Hiwin Corporation Six-Axis articulated robots are used when complex motions, faster cycle time, and high repeatability are priorities. These robots consist of six rotary axis with absolute encoders. This allows for unlimited orientations and point combinations while maintaining up to 20µm repeatability. Applications include pick-and-place, part handling, assembly, light machining, inspection, scanning, and many more. Hiwin can supply complete solutions, with a Hiwin electric gripper, adapter plate, controller, and teach pendant.

SCARA Robots

SCARA Robots

High precision and high flexibility SCARA robot is widely used in various automation field. It can be easily integrated with peripheral control units and combined with linear modules, vision systems, end effectors etc. In addition to stand alone operations, it can also be used in a system workstations, and can easily adapt to changes in the production line to enhance quality and efficiency.


Electric Grippers & Electric
Gripper Controllers

Configure Series

HIWIN Electric Grippers are high-performance and reliable grippers designed for efficient and precise gripping tasks in automation and robotics applications. With a compact and lightweight design, powerful motors, and advanced sensors, these grippers offer exceptional accuracy and repeatability. They are available in various sizes and gripping forces, making them versatile and suitable for handling a wide range of objects. Our Electric Grippers are easy to integrate into existing production lines, and their modular design allows for easy maintenance and replacement of parts. Whether you need to handle delicate electronic components, heavy industrial parts, or anything in between, making them ideal for applications that require high accuracy and repeatability. Use HIWIN Grippers with HIWIN’s Industrial Robots to help you streamline your production process and improve overall productivity.

Electric Gripper and Electric Gripper Controller
Articulated Robot Part Gripping

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