HIWIN Corporation offers a wide range of preloaded and non-preloaded rolled ballscrews, in stock at our U.S. headquarters in Huntley, IL. Customers can take advantage of having their ballscrews machined at our state-of-the-art facility or have standard length, un-machined ballscrews shipped within 10 business days. To view a downloadable PDF drawing, click on the drawing number provided below. Drawings are subject to change without prior notice.

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Stocked Ballscrew Assemblies

Huntley IL Stocking Program
* Indicates parts stocked while supplies last; afterwards available via special order.
Part NumberNut StyleShaft Diameter (Nominal) LeadBacklash (Max)Shaft Length (Max)Accuracy Grade (Microns/300 mm)DrawingStock
R6-2B1-FSZFlange6 mm2 mm0.01 mm500 mm50 (C7)W-SBS-6-2-A01
R6-2B1-RSZRound6 mm2 mm0.01 mm500 mm50 (C7)W-SBS-6-2-A02
R8-2C1-FSZFlange8 mm2 mm0.01 mm500 mm50 (C7)W-SBS-8-2-A01
R8-2C1-RSZRound8 mm2 mm0.01 mm500 mm50 (C7)W-SBS-8-2-A02
R8-2.5B1-FSZFlange8 mm2.5 mm0.01 mm500 mm50 (C7)W-SBS-8-2.5-A01
R8-2.5B1-RSZRound8 mm2.5 mm0.01 mm500 mm50 (C7)W-SBS-8-2.5-A02
R8-2.5T3-RSIRound8 mm2.5 mm0.03 mm800 mm50 (C7)A10JKAB1*
R8-5B1-FSTFlange8 mm5 mm0.02 mm500 mm50 (C7)W-SBS-8-5-A01
R8-5B1-RSTRound8 mm5 mm0.02 mm500 mm50 (C7)W-SBS-8-5-A02
R10-2B1-FSZFlange10 mm2 mm0.01 mm700 mm50 (C7)W-SBS-10-2-A01
R10-2B1-RSZRound10 mm2 mm0.01 mm700 mm50 (C7)W-SBS-10-2-A02
R10-2.5B1-RSZRound10 mm2.5 mm0.02 mm700 mm50 (C7)W-SBS-10-2.5-A01
R10-2.5B1-FSZFlange10 mm2.5 mm0.02 mm700 mm50 (C7)W-SBS-10-2.5-A02
R10-4B1-FSZFlange10 mm4 mm0.02 mm700 mm50 (C7)W-SBS-10-4-A01
R10-4B1-RSZRound10 mm4 mm0.02 mm700 mm50 (C7)W-SBS-10-4-A02
R10-4T3-RSIRound10 mm4 mm0.03 mm1000 mm50 (C7)A114ISB5*
R10-5A1-RSTRound10 mm5 mm0.02 mm700 mm50 (C7)W-SBS-10-5-A01
R10-5K3-FSCFlange10 mm5 mm0.02 mm700 mm50 (C7)W-SBS-10-5-A02
R12-2C1-FSZFlange12 mm2 mm0.01 mm1000 mm50 (C7)W-SBS-12-2-A01
R12-2C1-RSZRound12 mm2 mm0.01 mm1000 mm50 (C7)W-SBS-12-2-A02
R12-4C1-FSZFlange12 mm4 mm0.02 mm1000 mm50 (C7)W-SBS-12-4-A01
R12-4C1-RSZRound12 mm4 mm0.02 mm1000 mm50 (C7)W-SBS-12-4-A02
R12-5B1-FSZFlange12 mm5 mm0.02 mm1000 mm50 (C7)W-SBS-12-5-A01
R12-5B1-RSZRound12 mm5 mm0.02 mm1000 mm50 (C7)W-SBS-12-5-A02
2R12-5.08T3-DRSIRound12 mm5.08 mm0.03 mm1500 mm50 (C7)A11505A4*
2R12-10B1-RSTRound12 mm10 mm0.02 mm1000 mm50 (C7)W-SBS-12-10-A01
2R12-10K3-FSCFlange12 mm10 mm0.02 mm1000 mm50 (C7)W-SBS-12-10-A02
R15-5K4-FSCEWFlange15 mm5 mm0.03 mm3000 mm50 (C7)W-SBS-15-5-A02
2R15-10K3-FSCEWFlange15 mm10 mm0.04 mm3000 mm50 (C7)W-SBS-15-10-A02
4R15-16K3-FSCEWFlange15 mm16 mm0.04 mm3000 mm50 (C7)W-SBS-15-16-A01
4R15-20K4-DFSCFlange15 mm20 mm0.04 mm3000 mm50 (C7)W-SBS-15-20-A01
R16-5B1-FSZFlange16 mm5 mm0.03 mm3000 mm50 (C7) W-SBS-16-5-A01
R16-5B1-RSZRound16 mm5 mm0.03 mm3000 mm50 (C7)W-SBS-16-5-A02
R16-10K3-FSCFlange16 mm10 mm0.04 mm3000 mm50 (C7)W-SBS-16-10-A01
R16-10T3-FSIFlange16 mm10 mm0.03 mm3000 mm50 (C7)A114IHA3*
4R16-16A2-DRSBRound16 mm16 mm0.04 mm3000 mm50 (C7)W-SBS-16-16-A01
4R16-16S2-DFSHR1Flange16 mm16 mm0.04 mm3000 mm50 (C7)W-SBS-16-16-A02
R20-5K4-FSCEWFlange20 mm5 mm0.03 mm3000 mm50 (C7)W-SBS-20-5-A03
R20-5T4-RSIRound20 mm5 mm0.0 mm600 mm23 (C6)W-SBS-20-5-A02
R20-5C1-RSBRound20 mm5 mm0.03 mm3000 mm50 (C7)A10CL6A2 *
R20-5.08T4-FSIFlange20 mm5.08 mm0.03 mm3000 mm50 (C7)A10SKSA2 *
R20-10B1-RSBRound20 mm10 mm0.05 mm3000 mm50 (C7)A10QN0A3*
R20-10B1-RSVRound20 mm10 mm0.03 mm3000 mm50 (C7)W-SBS-20-10-A01
R20-10K4-FSCFlange20 mm10 mm0.04 mm3000 mm50 (C7)W-SBS-20-10-A03
4R20-20K3-FSCEWFlange20 mm20 mm0.04 mm3000 mm50 (C7)W-SBS-20-20-A01
4R20-20S2-DFSHR1Flange20 mm20 mm0.04 mm3000 mm50 (C7)W-SBS-20-20-A02
4R20-20A2-DFSVFlange20 mm20 mm0.04 mm3000 mm50 (C7)A10SKUA3 *
R25-5K4-FSCEWFlange25 mm5 mm0.03 mm4500 mm50 (C7)W-SBS-25-5-A02
R25-10K4-FSCEWFlange25 mm10 mm0.03 mm4500 mm50 (C7)W-SBS-25-10-A01
4R25-25S2-DFSHR1NWFlange25 mm25 mm0.04 mm4500 mm50 (C7)W-SBS-25-25-A01
R32-5K6-FSCEWFlange32 mm5 mm0.04 mm4500 mm50 (C7)W-SBS-32-5-A02
R32-10K5-FSCEWFlange32 mm10 mm0.03 mm4500 mm50 (C7)W-SBS-32-10-A02
2R32-20K4-FSCFlange32 mm20 mm0.04 mm4500 mm50 (C7)W-SBS-32-20-A01
4R32-32A2-DRSVRound32 mm32 mm0.03 mm4500 mm50 (C7)W-SBS-32-32-A03
4R32-32K4-DFSCFlange32 mm32 mm0.05 mm4500 mm50 (C7)W-SBS-32-32-A02
4R32-32S2-DFSHR1Flange32 mm32 mm0.05 mm4500 mm50 (C7)W-SBS-32-32-A04
4R32-32A2-DRSBRound32 mm32 mm0.05 mm4500 mm50 (C7)A10WXPA3*
4R36-36S2-DFSHR1SPFlange36 mm36 mm0.05 mm4500 mm50 (C7)W-SBS-36-36-A01
R40-5K4-FSCFlange40 mm5 mm0.04 mm5600 mm50 (C7)W-SBS-40-5-A01
R40-10K4-FSCFlange40 mm10 mm0.07 mm5600 mm50 (C7)W-SBS-40-10-A01
4R40-40K4-DFSCFlange40 mm40 mm0.07 mm5600 mm50 (C7)W-SBS-40-40-A01
R50-10K6-FSCFlange50 mm10 mm0.07 mm5600 mm50 (C7)W-SBS-50-10-A01
R50-10T4-RSIRound50 mm10 mm0.03 mm5600 mm50 (C7)A11503A2 *
2R50-20K6-FSCFlange50 mm20 mm0.07 mm5600 mm50 (C7)W-SBS-50-20-A01

X-Y Retrofit Ballscrews

Ground X-Axis Traverse Screw (0.0005"/ft. Lead Deviation Accuracy) Precision Ground Ballscrews

ConfigurationPart NumberSpecificationDrawing #

Ground Y-Axis Crossfeed Screw (0.0005″/ft. Lead Deviation Accuracy)
Precision Ground Ballscrews

ConfigurationPart NumberSpecificationDrawing #

Rolled X-Axis Traverse Screw (0.002″/ft. Lead Deviation Accuracy)
Precision Rolled Ballscrews

ConfigurationPart NumberSpecificationDrawing #

Rolled Y-Axis Crossfeed Screw (0.002″/ft. Lead Deviation Accuracy)
Precision Rolled Ballscrews

ConfigurationPart NumberSpecificationDrawing #

Yoke Housing (Matched for both Rolled and Ground Ballscrews)

ConfigurationPart NumberSpecificationDrawing #

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