Ball splines are linear motion systems, which can be used in SCARA robots, pick and place applications, and more. Offering flexibility for the design engineer, Ball splines do not require a horizontal base like linear guideways. An upgrade from bushings, Hiwin ball splines and nuts are made of the same high-quality materials as Hiwin’s ground ballscrews and ball nuts, which make them very strong. Features include:

  • Transmission of torque –the steel balls traveling on the groove with angular contact offer relative movement between the nut and the screw to achieve torque transmission.
  • Integral structure – the integration of the nut and support bearings allows the Ball Spline to achieve high precision and a compact design.
  • Easy installation – the optimized retainer design, allows the nut to easily be removed from the spline shaft and the steel balls will remain secure in the nut.
  • Lubricant path – the optimized lubricant path allows grease to be directly guided to the ball track improving lubrication and increasing service life.


FS Type

New Stocking Program

Four sizes of FS Ball splines are in stock to be cut to length and machined per your requirements. Machined ball splines ship in 2-4 weeks. Unmachined ball splines ship even more quickly.

Other sizes and three additional types are available. For more information, view our PDF catalog or contact us at [email protected].

FS Type Ball spline Assemblies

Model Type Diameter Backlash Precision
SP13-FS-360-400-C FS 13mm 5µm C
SP16-FS-760-860-H-S FS 16mm 5µm H
SP20-FS-900-1000-H-S FS 20mm 5µm H
SP25-FS-900-1000-H-S FS 25mm 10µm H
SP32-FS-900-1000-H-S FS 32mm 10µm H

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